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Werner Radtke Vers.-Verm. GmbH is a multiline insurance agency, based in Berlin, which looks back on a 60-year company history. As a result of this reliability, we have over the years established and maintained contacts with insurers and built an excellent reputation in the industry. Thus, compared with the rest of the market, we can offer personalised insurance solutions at competitive rates.

The quality of an insurance policy is not usually tested until you make a claim. That is why we allow sufficient time to discuss your policy requirements.

Rapid response times and regular contact partners are a matter of course for us - and an advantage for you.

Private insurance

Private third-party liability insurance

Private third-party liability insurance

Anyone who causes damage to a third party, whether by carelessness or misfortune, must pay for the loss incurred. The damaging party is liable with all his assets for the payment of compensation. Private third-party liability insurance protects you from the financial risk of claims for damages.

Home contents insurance

House & home

Home contents insurance
Contents insurance covers the risks of loss of or damage to all the belongings in your home (such as furniture, clothing, electrical appliances), caused by fire, burglary, tap water, storm/hail, lightning and vandalism. Thus, with contents insurance, you will be on the safe side if a burglar steals your laptop or if water from a burst pipe damages your furniture.

Glass insurance
Glass insurance covers both exterior glazing and furniture glass. The glazing of your balcony door could be damaged by a gust of wind, or a glass table could get broken.

Buildings insurance
For most people, the purchase of a residential property is the largest single investment they ever make and is considered a financial cornerstone. Buildings insurance covers the risks of property damage, caused, for example, by fire, tap water, storm/hail and natural disasters.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance

Most accidents occur during leisure-time. However, statutory accident insurance covers only accidents that take place at work/school/university/kindergarten or on the journeys there and back. Therefore, it is essential to have private accident insurance against the financial impact of an accident that causes permanent injury. Such an insurance provides funds to pay for the best-possible care, to make alterations to your flat/house to meet the needs of a disabled person, or to compensate for loss of income.

Long-term care insurance

Long-term care insurance

As life expectancy increases, so does the number of people who rely on long-term care. Statutory long-term care insurance provides no more than basic support, which is not enough to meet all the costs. If the costs, for example, of a care home and long-term care exceed the benefits paid by statutory care insurance, you will have to fall back on your savings. Extra costs often have to be paid by using savings deposits, selling property or asking children for top-up payments. The financial risk of nursing care can be minimised by taking out private long-term care insurance and thus ensuring that, if needed, care is both appropriate and dignified.

Legal expenses insurance

Legal expenses insurance

Having a good case and winning a case are very different. Putting your case across convincingly can incur huge costs. Disputes and misunderstandings arise more often than you think; in Germany a legal dispute begins every 4 seconds. With legal expenses insurance you safeguard against the financial risks involved in litigation and receive the best-possible support to win your case.

Motor vehicle insurance

Motor vehicle insurance

In Germany, no car can be registered and taken out on the road without third-party motor insurance. This insurance provides minimum cover, paying compensation to the victims of accidents, including the passengers of the person responsible for the accident, up to the limit of the sum insured. Part and fully comprehensive insurance are voluntary. Part comprehensive insurance covers the insured person’s own vehicle, paying compensation for glass breakage, damage caused by furred game, vehicle theft and break-in, hail/storm, flooding and fire. Fully comprehensive insurance also covers all these types of damage to your own car as well as damage that you have caused yourself or has been caused by vandalism or a hit and run driver.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance

Basically, Germany has two different systems to cover the cost of healthcare: statutory and private health insurance. While the benefits of statutory health insurance are largely regulated by law, those of private health insurance can be agreed by contract, are based on individual needs, and cannot be reduced at a later date. For example, in statutory health insurance patients can choose only among doctors registered with the system, while patients with private health insurance have a free choice of doctor or hospital for treatment. In addition, patients with private health insurance can choose rates that include a single room and treatment by the senior physician, and also regulate the scale of physicians’ fees for expensive special treatment. Freelancers and the self-employed can take out private health insurance regardless of their income. Employees wishing to change from statutory to private insurance have to earn more than 66,600 euros a year (12 salaries of 5,550.00 euros a month).

Old-age provisions

Old-age provisions

As the population is aging and the birth-rate is low, the pay-as-you-go system of statutory pension insurance is reaching its limits and offers no more than a kind of basic pension. Anyone wishing to maintain their standard of living in old age ought to make private provisions. Here the insurance market offers a variety of good and efficient products, ranging from state-subsidised pension schemes, such as the so-called Riester pension or the basic pension, to flexible fund-linked insurance. We shall be pleased to help you find the product that suits you best!

Occupational disability insurance
Our ability to work and earn an income provides the basis for our standard of living. But what if we have an accident or fall ill and can no longer exercise our profession and earn an income? As a safeguard against these serious risks, we highly recommend occupational disability insurance. This is one of the most important insurances in Germany. It pays insured persons in employment a pension if they become at least 50% disabled as a result of illness or accident.

Commercial Insurance

Employers liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

If you have a business you also bear great responsibility. Among other things, you have to protect your company against third-party claims on your business assets. If you or your employees have harmed a third party in some way, these claims may be justified. Employers’ liability insurance also covers unjustified claims whose dismissal can be extremely costly.

Business insurance

Business insurance

Contents insurance
Everyone knows that home contents insurance is important. In your company, you also need more than just good ideas and employees. You often need a variety of equipment, machines, tools, supplies and goods before you can earn any money.

Business interruption insurance
In the event of fire damage, many people think immediately of the costs of rebuilding and of purchasing new equipment or goods, which could threaten the firm’s very existence. However, a further risk is the interruption to business itself. Costs continue to be incurred but no profits are made. This is where business interruption insurance offers you some form of income.

Business premises insurance
Your premises form an important basis for business. However, they are exposed to many risks. If the buildings are damaged, high costs can be incurred, the business may even have to be closed. Business premises insurance can protect you against these risks.

Company pension scheme

Company pension scheme

A company pension scheme can be arranged in different ways and is thus an umbrella term for all financial benefits, which an employer promises his employees in the way of old-age provisions, general and occupational disability pensions or, in the case of death, survivors’ pensions. It encourages long-term loyalty among employees and enables them to build up an attractive pension thanks to tax advantages. We shall be pleased to help you find the right system and to support you when you launch your company pension scheme.

Technical insurances

Technical insurances

Technology plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives. However, it is now so complex that it is impossible to entirely exclude unforeseeable incidents. The breakdown of a single machine or computer can paralyse the entire company. Financial risks are then inevitable.

We can offer you solutions.

Transport insurance

Transport insurance

Trade without transport insurance is unthinkable. Transport insurance is indispensable in order to minimise the financial risks of unforeseeable events. We offer comprehensive insurance cover which is not limited to transport times. We shall be pleased to make you an offer.

Group accident insurance

Group accident insurance

This offers you and your employees comprehensive solutions to cover the risk of accidents in and outside the workplace. Group accident insurance protects both your company and your employees, motivates your employees, and is a sign of social responsibility.

Commercial fleet insurance

Commercial fleet insurance

We offer special insurance concepts for your fleet.

  • Uniform fleet premium even for vehicles added at a later date
  • Cover for special structures included
  • New-for-old cover possible for cars and lorries.
Property management concepts

Property management concepts

All-round protection for your customer portfolio

  • Simple valuation by calculation according to housing units
  • Professional risk and damage management.

Our strong insurance partners = your advantages

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Werner Radtke Vers.-Verm. GmbH
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