Finally! Term life insurance now also for non-EU citizens up to 100,000 Euro!

Dear Customers,

Finally we have an arrangement with an insurance company to offer term life insurance for non-EU citizens.

100,000 euros insurance sum already starting from 18.62 Euro monthly *.
* (Male / female 30 years old, academics, non-smoker, age at maturity 67)

Strokes of fate often come unexpectedly. Secure your family financially in the event of your death. In the event of death, the risk insurance pays out the agreed insurance sum to the bereaved. This ensures that your survivors are financially secure and the cost of living and possibly financing costs can be paid.

Finally, we also offer an term life insurance to non-EU citizens with a temporary residence permit. The maximum insurance sum is 100,000 euros. After long negotiations, we have finally found an insurer who makes this offer possible. A higher insurance sum is also possible for EU citizens and persons with permanent residence permits.

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