What kind of insurance for the skiing holidays?

Over 40,000 skiers are injured each year. Here you can find out what kind of insurances are crucial.

Private liabiity insurance

Anyone who causes damage to a third party, whether by carelessness or misfortune, must pay for the loss incurred. The damaging party is liable with all his assets for the payment of compensation. Private liability insurance protects you from the financial risk of claims for damages.

If you cause, for example, an accident on the ski slope and this harms another person, the private liability insurance can cover any claims.

Private accident insurance

Most accidents occur during leisure-time. However, statutory accident insurance covers only accidents that take place at work/school/university/kindergarten or on the journeys there and back. Therefore, it is essential to have private accident insurance against the financial impact of an accident that causes permanent injury. Such an insurance provides funds to pay for the best-possible care, to make alterations to your flat/house to meet the needs of a disabled person, or to compensate for loss of income.

If you come to harm with permanent health impairments due to an accident during your skiing holidays, a private accident insurance will cover. Favorable contracts also include salvage and rescue costs.

Travel health insurance

For winter sports enthusiats in ski resorts outside Germany, it is absolutely recommended to take out a health insurance for travel abroad. It covers the treatment costs and also provides insurance coverage for a necessary repatriation as well as a helicopter operation in order to take you to the hospital after an accident on the ski slope.

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